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Parent's new to Little League will often ask what do I need to buy my kid to play baseball?

The simplest answer is a baseball glove, with a high recommendation regardless of division (teeball, b-min, Majors, etc) for cleats (plastic only).    Collingswood Little League will provide bats, helmets, jersey, hat, socks, catchers equipment and other items necessary to play the game. 

If you are looking to purchase your own equipment for your child here are some thoughts on what to buy and when to buy it.

Batting Helmets
Many parents decide to purchase their own helmets for players to use during the season.  As a coach, I will see a spike in personal batting helmets if notices of lice are sent home with kids in their school.  Personal batting helmets start to appear on the benches from tee ball on upward.

As players continue to grow into the game they may want to use a bat that they feel comfortable instead of a bat supplied by the league that may not be exactly the right length or weight.  Typically personal bats start appearing in the dugouts from B-Minors and older.  Be aware that some coaches rules may dictate that if your child brings their own bat to a game or practice that for the time they are on the field playing that bat can be used by any teammate.  There is a lot of information on bat research, especially with Little League changing bat rules on January 1, 2018.  Bats that were legal in 2017 are no longer legal in 2018.  Any bat you see in a reputable store like Dicks, will only be selling the new legal bats with a USA Baseball logo.  More info on the new bat rules can be viewed here.

Playing baseball requires traction.  If you are in the batters box hitting, you want to have grip in your feet so when you hit the ball you can get to first base as quickly as possible.  When in the field making a play, it is important that your feet stay under you and do not slip when fielding or throwing the ball.  While not a requirement at any level, I'd certainly recommend having cleats for teeball and upward.  It just makes playing the game easier.  Metal spikes are not allowed in Little League baseball.

Baseball Pants
Probably one of the cheapest pieces of equipment you can buy for your child.  As players continue to move through Little League Baseball, the requirement of baseball pants for game and practices becomes fairly standard on teams.  Typically this becomes a requirement in A-Minor by all coaches.  Lower divisions will typically have kids wearing them during games because it makes playing the game easier, and they start to look like baseball players.

Specialty Gloves
As players start playing A-Minors they may take a liking towards a certain position.  There are certain style gloves that help players in certain positions.  Larger gloves are usually for outfielders, where smaller gloves are for middle infielders.  First base gloves are another specialty glove which helps player catch the ball on tricky throws that a regular glove may not provide the same benefit.  Usually specialty gloves are seen in A-Minors into the Majors.  Most specialty gloves seen in LL Baseball are first base gloves.

Catchers Mitts and Gear
Most players who catch will use their own gear.  As players start to enjoy catching and find themselves behind the plate the majority of the game (if not the entire game), they may decide that they want their own equipment.  This usually happens in the Majors, as the catching position is still very new to the players in A-Minors. 

Protective Cup
While this equipment is not mandatory for male players, no player should walk onto the field without one.  In Tee Ball all the balls may not come off the bat as fast as they do in the Majors, but fielding and catching a thrown ball can be an adventure.  As players move up in baseball, their throwing and catching becomes more accurate and stronger, but the hits become harder to field, the bounces tricker, and a protective cup helps guard against injury.  Little League rules require all catchers to wear a cup.  If they do not have one, they will not be able to catch in that game.  

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