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The Collingswood Little League Board has been advised by the National Little League Organization to prepare for a full little league season in 2021. We are opening registration today and encourage you to register your children this Spring. Early registrations significantly helps the Board plan for the season in each of our divisions and your support is greatly appreciated.

We recognize that we are still in the midst of a pandemic and will continue to plan for the safety of all participants. We have kept in place the restrictions from last season (below) and will update them as appropriate over the next several months as we receive information on best practices from youth baseball organizations, the CDC and our Federal, State and local authorities. Our 2021 policy will be approved by both the Little League Board as well as our local health officials. In the event you register, but when the season arrives are not comfortable participating, the Board has elected to keep the 2020 refund policy in place for 2021 which allows for a full refund provided you advise Collingswood Little League using the Covid-19 Refund and Donation form before Wednesday, April 7, 2021.

We look forward to a safe, fun and successful little league season in 2021!

Snack Stand (2020)

  • One window to pay, one window for food
  • Mark off 6’ spots to social distance
  • Teams must stay back after game and wait to be called up
  • Rules and regulations clearly stated on sign
  • Parents must enforce rules to their kids
  • Minimize trips to snack stand
  • Limited offerings
  • Everything must be behind the counter
  • Must have a visible menu
  • Need volunteers willing to work the stand
  • Use packets for condiments
  • Piece of Plexiglas to cover two serving areas
  • No kids in the snack stand
  • Need two people, one for money and one for food 

Restrooms (2020):

  • Open
  • Signage on door with procedure
  • Outdoor sink at bathroom for on the way out
  • Clean at least once per day
  • Hand sanitizer inside

Safety Plan (2020):

  • All players and Coaches must maintain 6 ft social distancing.  Teams should allow no more than 3 players in the dug outs at a time and no more than one on-deck batter at a time.  All other players will spread 6 ft out behind the dug outs and down the fence lines. Coaches will wear masks.

  • Prior to entering the field for each half inning, all players should use hand sanitizers. Umpires are advised to use hand sanitizers between innings.

  • No players or Coaches (for the next game) may enter the field or dugout area and should not be along right or left field fence lines until all other players and equipment is out and the benches are sanitized by the previous game Coaches. No players may share equipment.  Benches will be sanitized between each game.  Coaches will begin their half of the inning with sanitized balls.  The team leaving the field will take the used baseballs into the dugout for sanitization and use the next half inning.

  • There should be no handshakes or fist pumps before, during or after the games.  We recommend that players and Coaches tip their hat to the opponents after the game from their side of the field.

  • Mound visits must maintain 6 ft distances.  Base coaches must also maintain 6 ft distances and cannot touch a runner or player on or off the field.

  • The Plate Umpire will assume a position behind the pitching mound with 6 ft spacing from the Pitcher.

  • No Coaches will be allowed on the field to disagree or question a call.  Coaches must request that the Umpire come to their dug out for resolution to all issues and maintain the 6 ft social distancing requirement.

  • Catchers and base runners will be encouraged but not required to wear a mask.

  • All base runners shall try and avoid contact with defensive players. 

  • No team water or food will be allowed.  All individual player bottles must be marked with the players name.

  • When a batted ball ‘goes out of play’, it shall be returned to the team at-bat for the application of a hand sanitizer or similar precaution.

  • Each team, while on defense will provide and maintain a sanitized set of baseball for use during that inning.

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